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Wardrobe organizing: Spring essentials

"The best way to enjoy your very favorite things every day is only to own your favorite things" 

We could all agree on this saying, especially when it comes to clothing. We all have closet storage problems: those items we only wear during one season but for no reason they've been there FOREVER! Yup! We all have been there!

Becoming a cabin crew helped me learn how to organize my clothes according to what I actually need to wear. Since all my favorite items must fit into a small suitcase and I can say, that I literally own a seasonal wardrobe! Nevertheless, can you imagine having your home closet organized like in my suitcase? 
MakeSpace is a storage company that can make this possible. It offers you a closet in the cloud service where you don't have to visit a storage unit to choose the items you'd like to ask for redeliver.
Now, let me show you a few wardrobe spring essentials that I'll definitely include in my suitcase and which winter items I'd like to keep close by to incorporate into my spring outfits. 

Source: Internet and pinterest pictures.

What do you think about these items? 
Hope you enjoyed it and have a great easter weekend!