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Karina & the French Kiss

¨I don't know. Sometimes I think there are only so many opportunities... to get together with someone. And we've both screwed up so many times¨, ¨that we've missed our chance.¨ Anna and the French Kiss 
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BootayBag: Fall in Love for $12/month

"Above all things, I believe in cute underwear" 

Bohemian Babe

"I play with the fire of my own truth," she told me, "I will burn for the things I love." (Mia Hollow)

Wishing Happy birthday in a different way

Hi lovelies! I'm back! And guess what kind of surprise I have for you?! Have you ever sent a birthday card to your friends as a gift? Well, in my case I've never done something like that in the past, but when I discovered Paperless PostI must confess that I found a very lovely, creative, even a fun way  to wish my friends a very happy birthday!
I'm gonna be brutally honest. When it comes to remember and buy birthday gifts for my beloved ones, I'm the worst. Since I'm a flight attendant sometimes I don't even have time to remember and buy a present for my friends. Paperless Posthas given me the solution to solve my problem. From now on I'll just take my phone and open the Paperless Post app (whenever and wherever I am) to wish my friends a very happy birthday before I forget it!!! Yes, because it happens to me all the time! But now, I have this awesome service 24H per day to help me! 
Now, I'll explain how this service works: Go to https://www.paperlesspos…

City of stars & the day I met him.

That day I met him. It was a lovely and warm summer night. I still remember his cute smile and pretty eyes. I was too concentrated looking at my phone, when suddenly, unexpectedly, I just found myself looking into the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. And then he smiled... then all I can remember is the taste of his sweet laugh.

Life happens, Chocolate helps.

After a long break I'm back. Greetings to everybody who has been here all this time. I recently spent my holidays in London and it was very pretty. I couldn't resist to visit one of the most beautiful cafés there: Peggy Porschen Cakes. Of course it was a great excuse to drink and eat chocolate guilt-free. Well, secretly, I admit that the idea of shooting here was the main reason of my visit! Lol!
Btw, I was wearing an off-shoulder dress that day. Perfect for the British summer not at all for the Paraguayan summer!

Keep Your Home Beautiful

Believe it or not, your home can tell people a lot about you. Whether your home is consistently messy, or you’re a huge neat freak, your home is a direct reflection of you. The way you keep your home speaks volumes about you as a person. Make sure it’s saying what you want it to say by keeping your home beautiful, inside and out. You can always hire a cleaning company such as, who offer apartment cleaning in New York. Here are some tips to keep your home looking beautiful.

How to style your favorite leggins as streetwear

Leggings are one of my favorite wardrobe staples. They keep you warm, move with your body, and hold you in all the right places. Since I prefer the opacity and resilience of athletic leggings like the ones they offer at Fabletics. I used to think that leggings belonged solely at the gym. Luckily I’ve moved past that way of thinking; leggings are the perfect base for any outfit from the office to a night out. Here are some ideas on how to style your leggings outside the gym…

Fairy Tale Ladies and Dresses by Dressfashion UK

Back to blogging today! After a six-month break I'm here again! And you will need to do a double take when you see what this post is about. 

Having problems to get the right dress for your prom?  Then, guess what...?

If you are looking for prom dresses to buy online, you'd better check site. You will find stunning pieces of delicate and sophisticated dresses that will make you feel like a fairy tale princess.

Wardrobe organizing: Spring essentials

"The best way to enjoy your very favorite things every day is only to own your favorite things"
We could all agree on this saying, especially when it comes to clothing. We all have closet storage problems: those items we only wear during one season but for no reason they've been there FOREVER! Yup! We all have been there!

Cocomelody Backless Wedding Dresses

Hello everybody, It´s been a long time since my last post here! but I´m back and just to tell you in a quick update about this Bridal Shop that you can´t miss! I´m talking about COCOMELODY, more precisely, a shop that specializes in manufacturing wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and for other special ocasion dresses.