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Wishing Happy birthday in a different way

Hi lovelies! I'm back! And guess what kind of surprise I have for you?! Have you ever sent a birthday card to your friends as a gift? Well, in my case I've never done something like that in the past, but when I discovered Paperless PostI must confess that I found a very lovely, creative, even a fun way  to wish my friends a very happy birthday!
I'm gonna be brutally honest. When it comes to remember and buy birthday gifts for my beloved ones, I'm the worst. Since I'm a flight attendant sometimes I don't even have time to remember and buy a present for my friends. Paperless Posthas given me the solution to solve my problem. From now on I'll just take my phone and open the Paperless Post app (whenever and wherever I am) to wish my friends a very happy birthday before I forget it!!! Yes, because it happens to me all the time! But now, I have this awesome service 24H per day to help me! 
Now, I'll explain how this service works: Go to https://www.paperlesspos…