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Once Upon A Time Chanel

"Since everything is in our heads, we had better not to lose them" Coco Chanel.
There is no doubt that Coco Chanel is the most influential fashion designer of all time. But, in my opinion she's not just another monster who built an empire in the fashion industry. As a female role-model, she did such a good work that I think she is the perfect example of  leadership. She was so strong, independent and intelligent. She knew how to take advantage of the obstacles turning them into opportunities. 

What's Trending: Midi Skirts

Some people say that "A short skirt is not always enough to get a boy's attention". Well, that's because they don't know the power of Midi-skirts :).

Algunas personas dicen que "Una minifalda no es suficiente para atraer la atención de un chico". Eso, porque tal vez no conocen el poder de las Faldas Midi :).