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BRABLEMS? A guide that will help you get to #BRABLISS

In our beautiful girls-world, some things could still be chaotic. That´s how so many of us come to agree with the famous phrase Being a woman is not easy. Mostly, we as women, deal with so many femenine details in our everyday life. Beautiful, but complicated details such as problems with our bras. To be specific: Brablems.

THIRDLOVE and Let´s do chocolate have teamed up to share with you these great tips that will help you get to bra bliss!

Issues vs Solutions
Side boob and Quad Boob
 Help!: Breast spilling out of the side of the cup? The tops of the spill over the cups?
You might want to try the Scoop and Swoop method.

"Get your girls in the right place by gathering each breast into the cups as you pull back on the wire."

Performing the Scoop and Swoop can help you improve overall bra fit. The idea is that the breast are properly lifted and supported.

Cup Gaping and Slipping Straps
Help!: Breasts leaving a room at the top? Straps slipping off your shoulders?

"Keep those straps happy. Tighten the straps every other month to make sure they´re snug and supportive"

Believe it or not, taking a moment to fix your straps can make a difference in your comfort and the way your clothes look over your bra. Adjusting your straps tighter will help you compensate for the loseness in other places.
Band Ridding up
 Help!: Having problems with your bra band ridding up in the back? This might be a sure sign that your bra is not fitting.

#1: Just say no to creepers! It´s time to buy a smaller band size so that you have a snug fit. Remember, when you get a smaller band size you need to go one size bigger in the cup. Example: If you´re 36C, your tighter band would be 34D. 
#2: You´ll know you´re in the right band size when you can slip two fingers underneath the back of the band. The band should be snug on the loosest hook, so when your bra stretches out you can continue to tighten it.
 You might want to avoid adjusting your bra straps too tighly, in order to not force the band to ride up.

Although we´re all familiar with Bra-blems, we wish we never have them in our lives. However, the right size, or bra style, could help us improve or avoid them. In this way, we could easily change the word chaotic to comfy.

THIRDLOVE has offered me many solutions to my own personal BRABLEMS. So if you´re with big BRABLEMS, you´d better hurry and check more super tips on the PDF below. And of course! Do not miss checking out the THIRDLOVE´s webpage where you can find the best fitting bras and underwears. You can get 15% off your total purchase using the promo code  BRABLEMS. Valid until the end of 2016!

Photographer: Artemio Rojas
Post Production: Rodrigo Gonzalez
Endless thanks to Artemio Rojas and his great team!  Great thanks for his amazing eye and  gorgeous pics! He has made the experience so enjoyable and relaxed!

 Xoxo ladies!

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