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Rockabilly & Pin up Style.

Photos taken by David Hojin

This time I wanted to put myself in the heels of a pin-up model. It was not as easy as I thought, however, the experience was pretty fun. At the beggining I was excited, posing in front of the camera lenses with such a happy face. After a while, I started to feel pretty silly trying to make the kissy pin up face without much success :D!.

After many shots, with the poor photographer, we gave up with the duck face. This photographer was kind of disappointed, and I was totally overwhelmed with all the voices telling me to put a sexy, kind of silly, naughty face, but at the same time thoughtful. God! I just wonder how pin up girls could have managed to always be in perfect sexy poses. 

Definitely, if I had been born in the 40s, 50s or 60s I would not have chosen this career, but I would wear this style even for work outfits for sure because is soo sexy, and it's one of the trends that even though is vintage, designers and trendsetters repeatedly find a way to bring it back.

Now, the challenge is how to wear this style being a classy but not trashy pin up girl. Here are some ideas!

Would you dare to wear this tendency?