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Rockabilly & Pin up Style.

Once Upon A Time Chanel

"Since everything is in our heads, we had better not to lose them" Coco Chanel.
There is no doubt that Coco Chanel is the most influential fashion designer of all time. But, in my opinion she's not just another monster who built an empire in the fashion industry. As a female role-model, she did such a good work that I think she is the perfect example of  leadership. She was so strong, independent and intelligent. She knew how to take advantage of the obstacles turning them into opportunities. 

What's Trending: Midi Skirts

Some people say that "A short skirt is not always enough to get a boy's attention". Well, that's because they don't know the power of Midi-skirts :).

Algunas personas dicen que "Una minifalda no es suficiente para atraer la atención de un chico". Eso, porque tal vez no conocen el poder de las Faldas Midi :).

Fashion forecast: 90s’ Grunge Style

Would you like to revive the iconic 90s style? 
Shirts around your waist? Denim jackets? the inspiring way of dressing of Cher (CLUELESS- 90s hit),printed leggins, snapbacks, graphic muscle tees, and the grunge-goth lip?

Who says this tendency is old-fashioned? No way! All the fashionable 90s look are back! In the form of crop tops, leather miniskirts, jackets, and plaid clothing. I've been noticing this style everywhere. 

My second Award

This time I've been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award! I'm on cloud nine :D, thanks for the nomination Mariela Lopez  Decoración Nuestro Hogar.

Liebster Award Nomination

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are having a good Monday!. I was checking my email when I received a message from Walking through the stars  nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award!

This is an award given to up and comming bloggers who has less than 200 followers. It enables readers to get to know new bloggers, helping them to connect with a wider audience.  So thank you very much Nagore Comezaña for the nomination!  And to know a little bit more about me, here are my answers to Nagore's questions. 

How to make 'Hot Chocolate'.

You might have been doing hot chocolate without a recipe all this time. But have you imagined that even this drink has its secrets?
You may find many recipes of hot chocolate, but, have you ever thought about using other kind of presentation? What about a bar of chocolate?! Your plain cup of chocolate will get stronger! 
Let's not talk about it any longer, let's see how a real cup of hot chocolate should be done!

Fashion Forecast: Mustard colour

Hola a todos! Me encuentro trabajando en la oficina :D, pero sin embargo aún tengo tiempo para averiguar cuáles serán los colores que marcarán tendencia este otoño-invierno 2014. Sé que aún estamos en verano, pero estoy tan emocionada esperando la llegada de esta estación...y adivinen qué? encontré que mis viejos pantalones mostaza de Gap seguirán arrasando este año!. Si, el color mostaza es uno de los colores que siguen estando vigentes temporada tras temporada, por lo que si quieres agregar un poco de sabor a tu vestuario diario no dudes en incluir este color a tu armario! :) Espero les guste y que tengan un buen viernes! 
Hello everybody! I'm in the office working ;D, but I still have time to find out wich colours will help to define trends for fall-winter 2014. I know we're still in summer, but I'm so excited about the arrival of this season... and guess what? I found that my old mustard pants are going to rock again this year!. Yes, mustard is one of the colours wich sta…

Must-have head accessory. Turban.

Puedes ver esta tendencia en las pasarelas. Los turbantes ya han hecho su aparición años atrás en las décadas de los 40 y 70 , y hace poco tiempo Sex and The City II lo revivió nuevamente. Y definitivamente, este 2014 seguirá siendo su año!. Las celebrities y modelos lo usan y no dudan en introducir este elemento tan "in" a sus outfits. Y ya sea que quieras lograr un outfit para una noche glamorosa, un street style chic o ideas para la playa, dile sí a este accesorio! 

You can see this trend at catwalks. The turban trend had been introduced many years ago, but made memorable appearances in the 40's and 70's and Sex And The City II revived it again. And definitely this trend is expected to continue throughout 2014. Celebrities and models are wearing It, and they don't hesitate to introduce this fashion statement to their outfits. Whether you want a glamorous night out style, or a chic street style or beach outfit idea, just go ahead with this accessory!! 

Sweet Sixties

Los sesenta, una década mágica caracterizada por el estallido de diversas tendencias, colores, pestañas postizas, la introducción del mini-skirt y el pillbox hat. Los peinados variaban desde muy cortos a recogidos tipo beehive, y el movimiento hippie que influenció fuertemente en el estilo de vestir de las mujeres. Definitivamente, cuando hablamos de iconos de belleza y de la representación de la elegancia femenina, encontramos los rastros de esta década. Y para mí  fue la más glamorosa de todos los tiempos.
The sixties, that magical decade were characterized by colorful trends, false eyelashes, the introduction of the mini-skirt and the pillbox hat. Women's hairstyle ranged from very short styles to beehive hairdos, and the hippie movement that strongly influenced on ladies' clothing styles. If we talk about feminine elegance and beauty icons, we will find "the sixties" traces everywhere, and definitely it was the most glamorous decade.

Fotografias que inspiran

Nuestro primer post del año! y aquí estoy nuevamente, hoy he regresado al trabajo luego de unas semanas de descanso y paseos con la familia. Realmente la familia es el regalo mas valioso que Dios nos puede dar, así que pasen el tiempo con ellos y, no olviden decirles "te quiero" un montón de veces!. Sin embargo, este no es el tema del cual quiero hoy hablarles :)
Hoy quiero enseñarles una colección de fotografías, así es, de bellos momentos capturados por nuestro gran fotógrafo Mr. Kwon, quien a decir verdad creo que será un muy exitoso fotógrafo en un futuro próximo :) Que lo disfruten!

Our first post of the year! Today I came back to work after a refreshing and deserved rest with the entire family. The best gift anyone can get is family's love, so don't forget to say them "I love you" as often as possible. However, that's not what today's post is about.
Today I would like to share with you a collection of photographs, yes, beautiful moments captured …